Welcome to Piece Gallery. A curated collection of beautifully handcrafted objects by creative makers from around New Zealand.

A Photo-shoot in the gallery on a winter's afternoon.

With the afternoon light coming in to the gallery - yes, the sun was actually shining - there was a 40 minute opportunity to photograph some of our beautiful, hand-blown vessels with flowers from our local flower shop, Twig & Bloom.  With over 20 glass artists represented in our gallery, the most difficult task was selecting the vessels. All the different techniques used allow for such variety in styles; each vessels is a statement that is functional as a vase, yet becomes an object d'art when on display.

New Work by Ivan Vostinar

Here is a brief description on how I work: All my creative work starts with a clear mind, with no preconceived ideas and nor do I use drawings to develop work. I start with nothing and let spontaneity form something new and only later does the mind come in to resolve practical and technical issues. I start to work with either flat sheets of rolled clay or extruded pipes or hand built elements. Usually I just start to work a piece until it has a line or curve which I like, this then leads to the next part which leads to the next. After the form is finished it is left to dry for a week and then it is fired to 1000 degrees to turn the work into a ceramic. Now the work can be glazed and fired to 1200 degrees, this temperature matures the clay-body and glaze making it strong and able to with stand the elements.

August/September 2017 Gallery Walk

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